Let’s work like humans.

Heelix is a simple feedback system that helps you understand how your team feels, so you can drive higher performance, no matter where they are.

Real science. Based on who we are. Get started in minutes.

Why leaders choose Heelix

Remove blockers to performance
Better 1:1s
Stay connected as a team

Heelix activates your teams, wherever they are

Gather Feedback
Simple & anonymous 30 second weekly check-in
Drive performance
The tools to understand & act on what motivates & frustrates your team
Track individual growth
Simple meeting templates, goal tracking and performance feedback
Social sharing, group problem solving and social recognition

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I use Heelix every week to hear from over 1000 team members. With this real-time insight into how my people feel, it means I know straight away if there's a problem and what we can do to improve.
John Winning,
Group CEO Winning Group and Founder | Appliances Online
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