Our mission
We transform the way the world understands and acts on emotion. With so much of our time being spent at work, we are passionate about enabling people to better understand themselves and each other to drive high performance.
Human at heart
Heelix was developed to help people connect at a basic human level. Easier said than done, these days!
(Actually) backed by Science
While a lot of tools out there talk about science but really mean recycled best-practice, we’re proud of our neuroscience roots.
So long surveys
Heelix isn't just another feedback tool. We've created a super-charged (but super easy) platform to help you perform, connect and BE better.
Powered by neuroscience for powerful insights

Heelix has been developed by an expert team including Katharina Kuehn, one of APAC’s leading neuroscientists, published author and an expert in tapping into the non-conscious nature of human decision-making.

Kat and her team's research have unlocked a rich understanding of the intrinsic triggers within the human brain, ensuring that each level of Heelix talks to our unique human motivators; from what it asks employees during the weekly reflection process to its design around eliciting feelings such as connection to company culture, personal growth, appreciation and recognition.

Her mission is to create emotional connections and personalisation at an unprecedented, deeply human level. With the power of neuroscience we can help you understand what drives and blocks your team today and how you can improve their performance tomorrow.

Meet the Heelix team
Tim Mullen
I care about building things that create positive impact on who we are, how we operate and the role we play within the world.
Carla Sánchez
I’m passionate about people; specifically helping them find meaningful solutions to what they’re looking to solve.
Arthur Vashurin
I live and breathe design. I don’t believe that design can save the world. But I believe that designers can.
JC Raad
I am excited about the future because I have seen the impact neuroscience can have on how we behave and the decisions we make.
Tom Brunarski
I am focused on how we can use technology to scale our unique IP and deliver a smooth and seamless experience for all users.
It used to drive me insane during my earlier years in the corporate world where we would follow outdated and impersonal practices that meant and did nothing. When it comes to the workplace, we seem to forget who we are. That’s what we want to change.
Tim Mullen,
Heelix Co-founder