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By bringing Heelix into the business, Appliances Online can tap into the thoughts of 1000+ team members and make immediate improvements.
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Real-time team insights
Instantly actionable feedback
Engaging 1000+ staff
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NEOS Life uses Heelix to gather immediate insights and feedback to the team to build and sustain their culture and workplace.
Find out how Heelix has allowed the YNC team to achieve more by enabling its managers to better balance objective with emotion.
Read how the Livehire team has been able to drill further into their team’s performance drivers to better understand where they can improve their processes.

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I use Heelix every week to hear from over 1000 team members. With this real-time insight into how my people feel, it means I know straight away if there's a problem and what we can do to improve.
John Winning,
Group CEO Winning Group and Founder | Appliances Online