How Appliances Online uses Heelix to engage 1000+ employees
John Winning - Founder, Appliances Online
In a tough industry, Appliances Online has managed to buck the trend and experience rapid growth. But to do that you need a constant eye on the insights that matter. For John Winning, Founder of Appliances Online and Group CEO of Winning Group, that means knowing exactly how his people are feeling.
Why Appliances Online Loves Heelix
Real-time team insights
Instantly actionable feedback
Connecting the team together

Bucking the trend

In 2005, John Winning established Appliances Online. Having worked in-store, in the warehouse and on the trucks for his Dad at Winning Appliances for two years, John knew that people can find buying appliances a pretty daunting experience. Then, of course, there’s the small matter of getting that big, bulky appliance home and installed. In other words, John knew that online convenience wasn’t enough. He had to translate the Winning Appliances customer service experience into the world of online. So that’s what he did.

Today, Appliances Online is Australia's largest online appliance retailer; renowned for award-winning service, the largest range of appliances online, 24/7 Australian customer service and free, next-day delivery by the industry’s best delivery team. And it’s the team and culture of Appliances Online that has been a huge part of allowing it to reach such success, something John is especially proud of.

We are obsessed with the customer experience but getting that right means you need the right people driving the company values and mission. What I was always looking for was a way to get better visibility on how my team was feeling because if I didn’t know that, it meant I could be missing something that would put it all at risk.

That’s where Heelix came in. John was immediately drawn to the real-time nature of the insights Heelix generated but more so, that it wasn’t an over-complicated and out-dated HR approach. With an easy setup up process, the team were using Heelix within a day, immediately providing insight into how people were feeling. It was introduced to a few teams first before being rolled out to the whole company within a couple of weeks.

Today, John uses the simple dashboard to get a key overview of what’s going on across the company and is able to quickly drill down into individual teams’ stats. With the ability to understand how people are feeling on an emotive level, it means he and his executive team can spot emerging issues and understand how teams respond to any internal initiatives rolled changes that are introduced. But the real benefit is how it creates accountability within teams; rather than John or HR always needing to be assessing results, Heelix enables his managers to lead more effectively by giving greater insight and smart recommendations.

Connecting the team together

With Heelix we have a way to connect a very diverse workforce together easily; whether it’s our drivers sharing stories from the road, or the ability to give shoutouts to one another. It brings us together.

Appliances Online has a number of different departments, from the 24/7 customer service centre through to the drivers who deliver appliances direct to the customer’s door. With teams spread out geographically, it was important to John to have a way that everyone could connect with the wider company.

Through the collaboration component of Heelix, teams can do just that. From giving shoutouts to each other for great work done, to requesting feedback on ways to improve work and even sharing photos and videos of events taking place in head office or in-store, Heelix allows teams to understand what’s happening around them and connect with the wider Winning values and mission. In fact, several team members have commented they wouldn’t know what was going on if they didn’t have Heelix.

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