Help your team grow
Run better meetings, build accountability and track personal progress: our Grow feature saves you time, effort and awkward conversations
Making it simple for your team to develop & grow
One place for you and your team to stay on top of everything relating to their personal progress.
Visibility & accountability
Use simple meeting templates to help you not just prepare for meetings but also create actionable outcomes
Create goals
Stay focused on what matters by creating or assigning goals; smart reminders keep the team accountable
Track progress
Stay on top of your goals and actions + track the behavioural development of your team on a visual timeline
Simplify the way you meet
Rather than wondering what you need to talk about, get prepared using simple meeting note templates and create action points to drive progress
Automated meeting preparation helps keep you on track and accountable with your team
Tick off items raised during the meeting to make sure you follow through on what was discussed
Turn objectives into key results
With Grow you can create goals, set due dates and assign to team members in just a few clicks. It makes staying on course that much easier and allows you to understand where good work is taking place
Keep all your goals in one place
Add comments as you go and share with others
Always have talking points
Record performance feedback as it happens, meaning simpler coaching conversations and a visual way to track progress
Simple rating system to track behaviour & performance
View everything in-app or export all notes into CSV
I use Heelix every week to hear from over 1000 team members. With this real-time insight into how my people feel, it means I know straight away if there's a problem and what we can do to improve.
John Winning,
Group CEO Winning Group and Founder | Appliances Online
More ways to help you lead the room...
Whether it’s gaining insight on how your team is feeling, improving your 1:1 conversations or connecting around your values, we have you covered.
Real-time insights
Automated weekly 30 seconds check-in to ask how individuals feel about work, uncovering a team's deepest emotional drivers and the root cause of poor performance
Multiple team spaces
Connecting a team through shared spaces where they can recognise each other, broadcast news, share ideas, run agile retrospectives, and celebrate success together
Org chart & Directory
Easy way to visualise your team structure, find your colleagues and manage your company as you grow