Connect and collaborate
A simple space that allows you to share feedback and ideas, news, recognise each other and connect around your brand
What does Spaces give me?
Being connected is one of the strongest human motivators, so you need a way to bring people together around your purpose, mission and brand
Share with the team
Share video updates, photos of your latest team event or that newly updated process document in a simple and powerful way
Recognise each other with shoutouts. All shoutouts are shared publicly but also saved privately to be used in coaching 1:1s
Get feedback
Run agile retrospectives to see what the team thinks you should start, stop or continue doing and discuss as a group
Share your success and keep the team up-to-date
Sharing success is as important as working out what to improve. Use videos, photos and file sharing to connect the team around what’s happening in your business
Bring the team closer together with rich updates
Upload from your desktop, phone or Google Drive
Turn objectives into key results
Recording goal completion and wins as they happen allows you to understand where good work is taking place and simplifies the preparation time for formal performance reviews
Tag company values to wins
Keep track of all key results including wins, shoutouts and more in the Grow portal
Give and get feedback
Run polls to gauge what the team think of a certain topic and use our simple agile retrospective feature to find out how you can further improve
Polls are anonymous and fully customisable
Team can join the discussion on each individual post
I use Heelix every week to hear from over 1000 team members. With this real-time insight into how my people feel, it means I know straight away if there's a problem and what we can do to improve.
John Winning,
Group CEO Winning Group and Founder | Appliances Online
More Heelix features...
Whether it’s gaining insight on how your team is feeling, improving your 1:1 conversations or connecting around your brand, we have you covered.
Real-time insights
See a weekly summary of what's happening with the team; from emotional state to performance drivers and trends over time
Personal ‘Grow’ portal
One place to create and track goals, record wins, plan for meetings and improve 1:1 conversations
Org chart & Directory
Easy way to visualise your team structure, find your colleagues and manage your company as you grow