Fast to set up, simple to manage
It’s easy to set up your team on Heelix. With drag and drop functionality, effortlessly set up your team and be rewarded with an org chart.
Because you have other things you want to focus on...
Quick start, easy management and a way to visualise your team structure. We’ve got you covered.
Easy setup
We can be set up as fast as you like. Setup your team structure, copy and paste in your user emails and we’re good to go
Easy ongoing management
Whether it’s adding new, removing or editing users, our admin interface makes it easy, Chat to us about connecting with your HRIS
Org Chart
At the end of your setup you’ll get a dynamic org chart to help the team locate one another and find out where everyone fits in
A fast and effortless set up process
Create your account based on your current structure. All you need is an email to start adding your users and once you’re happy, we’ll auto-send an invite
Only invite users once you’re ready
Guided onboarding helps get the team familiar
Manage your team effortlessly
Users can be added as you go, moved between teams and disabled as you need. It just takes a couple of clicks. Chat to us on how to integrate with your HRIS
Complete control and visiblity on the makeup of your team
Onboard and offboard users as your business changes
Dynamic org chart
After you’ve moved through the set up process we will give you a dynamic org chart to help show you what’s what
Fast, responsive search to find who you’re looking for
View the vibe score of each team as you search
I use Heelix every week to hear from over 1000 team members. With this real-time insight into how my people feel, it means I know straight away if there's a problem and what we can do to improve.
John Winning,
Group CEO Winning Group and Founder | Appliances Online
More ways to help you lead the room...
Whether it’s gaining insight on how your team is feeling, improving your 1:1 conversations or connecting around your values, we have you covered.
Real-time insights
Automated weekly 30 seconds check-in to ask how individuals feel about work, uncovering a team's deepest emotional drivers and the root cause of poor performance
Multiple team spaces
Connecting a team through shared spaces where they can recognise each other, broadcast news, share ideas, run agile retrospectives, and celebrate success together
Personal Grow portal
One place to plan meetings and track outcomes, create and progress goals, record wins, performance observations and more. It helps improve 1:1 conversations and boosts accountability